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wingwave®-coaching is a special, new, innovative, high effective and shorttime-oriented coaching method created by the two German psychologists EMDR- and NLP-Trainer Cora Besser-Siegmund and Harry Siegmund.

Benefits of the wingwave® - coaching:

Wingwave® is High-Speed-Coaching! Based on the newest results of neuroscience researchers about the brain wingwave® works exactly there where your problems come into being - in your head!

With right-left-movements of your eyes, stimulated by the coach, you improve the co-operation and connection of your right and left part of your brain, which enhances your brain-power, widens your horizon, has a positive influence on your kind of thinking and emotional self-regulation. You can say, the eye-movements triggers brainwaves which increase your

Topics of wave®-coaching:

Wingwave®-coaching is especially suitable

The three main lines of wingwave:

  1. Coaching "Post-Achievement Stress"

    Post achievement stress covers all sorts of stress problems which typically occur in demanding and work-intensive jobs. We speak of post achievement stress when stress does not disintegrated regularly and by itself. For example in the case of "rabbit punches", private or professional disappointment, sudden incidents like nasty letters or calls or accidents.
  2. Resource Coaching

    Here, the interventions are employed for success issues like increasing creativity, positive self-motivation, self-perception coaching or visualization of goals for a mental preparation of top performances (exams, public appearances).
  3. Resource Coaching

    The aim of belief coaching is to overcome performance-restricting and quality of life-diminishing beliefs (i.e. "I am not worth anything")and then to transform them into resource beliefs. To detect so-called "euphoria traps" within the belief system is also of important relevance as they have perforce to lead to failure due to their highly unrealistic pretense ( ie. "I succeed in everything"). Consequently, these euphoria traps will make the inner world awareness and self-consciousness of the client only too fragile. The interventions in question are to implement ego-strengthening and performance-promoting beliefs.